Website overview

This website provides both free services to the general public and fee-based services to licensees of our software. Both service categories are governed by the terms of use published at the top of our home page.

  • Free services available to the general public include software download and semi-automated mapping tools for Google maps. Utilization of these services requires basic user registration so we can track website usage and protect against abuse. Basic user registration is free and is provided in accordance with our privacy policy which states that we will not share your information with others and will maintain email marketing contact with you no more frequently than once per quarter.
  • Fee-based services are available only to fully registered licensees of our software and include demo software activation, custom software for automated mapping, data acquisition, manipulation, analysis, modeling, and reporting, software support, and online training. The cost of demo software activation is very affordable and depends upon the applications being licenced. Download, installation, and activation of software products are subject to software license agreement in addition to the terms of use and privacy policy of the website.

Many portions of the website are accessible to the general public without registration; additional portions of the website are accessible by users with basic registration credentials; and the full website is accessible to users who are activated licensees of our software. Basic registration involves telling us who you are and agreement to our terms of use. The only cost of registration is the inconvenience of receiving our company mailing, no more frequently than once per quarter. You may un-register at any time and the periodic mailing will cease. The terms of our marketing contact with registered website users are detailed in our privacy policy.

We hope that many of our website visistors will like our products and services and become licensed users of our software and subscribers to our optional software maintenance program. Becoming a fully-licensed user unlocks a whole new realm of services from the website and our desktop software, including software enhancements and full access to our user forums and online video training.

To see how our software can work for you, check out our no obligation Getting Started page.