Software History represents the culmination of almost 40 years of development in computer applications for real estate valuation, and an entirely new approach as to how real estate information is assembled, maintained, used, and shared among a variety of sources, users, and desktop applications. Our marketing philosophy is designed to create value for the user, not just in terms of our extensive list of features and very affordable pricing, but also in terms of enhancing the value of existing software and data sources you may already be using. AppraisalShareware is not necessarily designed to replace your existing applications, but works with your other applications to integrate data in the most convenient form, whether that is in the form of a word processing report, pdf document, excel spreadsheet, raw data, or printed exhibit.

The AppraisalShareware software design emphasizes principles of professional productivity, and automated data capture, enhancement, and integration. Databases of property information are automatically created, data sources and verifications automatically tracked, and databases automatically built and maintained in the normal course of business activity. The AppraisalShareware suite of personal productivity tools are individually licensed for installation on a single PC, with each installation capable of sharing data over a local network as well as the internet.

In contrast to the legacy RealSoft applications described below, AppraisalShareware is seventh-generation software which incorporates RealSoft's productivity concepts with the most current PC, internet, imaging, mapping, data storage, application, presentation, and user interface tools embodied in Microsoft .net and Windows technology.  AppraisalShareware is a Microsoft Bizspark startup based in Boulder, Colorado. Personnel includes company principals and contract engineers. Marketing, promotion, software deployment, and support are provided through the website.

The technological foundation for AppraisalShareware was developed by Brian Goodheim, a recognized expert in real estate technology. A pioneer in real estate computer applications, Brian's accomplishments in legacy software include a wide range of timesharing, networking, and office automation applications. In the early 1970s, Brian developed Fortran timesharing applications for land development analysis and MLS systems. In 1981, Brian formed RealSoft Systems, Inc. and released the first PC-based appraisal office automation software. Initially designed as a single-user configuration for residential appraisers, RealSoft's Integrated Appraisal System evolved through the mid-1990s to include: multi-user systems up to 32 users, KISS Word Processing, Control-SQL commercial property databases, the DataShare regional market data system, integrated AP/GL accounting, the SUDS Software Update Delivery System, and Structured Document Assembler, a narrative appraisal report generator. Predating the IBM-PC and MS-DOS, the original RealSoft family of appraisal applications was used by thousands of appraisers nationally through the late 1990s.  Due to the character-based processor-sharing restrictions of the Theos operating system, RealSoft became obsolete as networking and Microsoft's Windows graphical environment became the preferred PC technology standard.