Software features

Our software suite is organized into functional modules.  By design, some of the modules intentionally overlap in order to provide the user with convenient access to all program functions irrespective of where the user is in the software:
Software Module
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Module Description
The Action Menu is the initial entry menu from which all other operations are selected.  It acts as a background canvas which hides when another software module is activated and reappears when the selected operation is closed.  Closing the Action Menu window exits the ASW software application.
The Reporting Module provides convenient, flexible and powerful report generation capabilities from the local databases.  Designed to automatically and consistently render a variety of pre-formatted reports, the Reporting module includes: a choice of easy-to-use preset or powerful SQL data selection; editing and cleansing tools to insure that data elements are adequately edited and reports produced from the database are consistent and professional; and user extensions which allow reports to be named, grouped, and titled according to user preferences. Reports can be rendered to printers, Microsoft Word or pdf documents, or as Excel spreadsheets.
The SaleComp and RentComp modules are where the detailed property attributes of sale and rent comparables are viewed, edited, or manually entered into the database. Although comp data can be conveniently edited throughout the software, users are encouraged to utilize the comp editing modules where automatic data validation, math calculation, and web research features are provided.
The DataAnalysis module provides powerful statistical tools to assist in the selection (inclusion/exclusion) and ordering of market data as comparables for a particular subject property. A variety of regression and time-series analyses can be copied via the clipboard for graphic insertion in narrative reports, and an innovative user-configurable text composition language is available to automatically compose narrative comparable descriptions from a wide array of transaction parameters.
The image editing module is where comp and subject property photos are imported into the PropImage database from the Windows clipboard, jpg files on your hard disk, or directly from your digital camera. Images can be automatically resized, rotated, cataloged (cross-referenced to a specific property), and captioned as they are imported or after they are entered in the database.  A reduction in file size of up to 99% can be achieved relative to the size of raw images produced from the typical digital camera.
Our web interface tools are available throughtout the software and include: WebRE (real estate links imported from your IE favorites); SmartLinks (geographically-classified real estate links which can be navigated automatically by the database); and WebIQ (websites from which Intelligent Queries can automatically navigate and extract data).  These powerful tools can be used to automatically download market data to the local database from many internet sources, and programatically enhance missing data elements through an automated interface with WebIQ compatible websites.
Mapping functions include automated geolocation and research mapping of single properties through both Google and Bing mapping services.  Comprehensive map exhibits illustrating the relative locations of multiple properties are produced through a special interface to Google Maps.  Automatic geocoding of single or multiple properties may be adjusted by our special GeoTweaking tool.
Provides automatic comp data transfer between job/library databases, approved internet data providers and MLS systems, user-configurable batch import of commercial market data from Excel and data download files.
Our software uses a variety of special user interface extensions besides traditional menus and command buttons for easy access to common appraisal functions.  Typically accessed by a right click of the mouse, wizards include data sources/verification, mapping, comp inclusion and exclusion, ordering, datagrid customization, and many other features.