URAR Market Grid Template: Installation Notes

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Installation Notes - URAR Market Grid Template

Unlike the multi-stage installation procedure for larger applications, installation of the URAR Market Grid Template is very straightforward. In accordance with our "minimal impact" installer philosophy, this installation is designed to have no impact on your existing Windows configuration or other software. A single file folder containing the URAR Market Grid Excel Template, these installation notes, and a software license is copied to your desktop.

Installer Identification

Name: URAR Market Grid Template

Date: 6/24/2012

Purpose: Install the URAR Market Grid Template folder to your desktop.


We are pleased to provide the URAR Market Grid Excel Template Software to other real estate professionals without cost or obligation except as delineated in our simplified Freeware License Agreement.  You can review and print this agreement by clicking the previous link. If you do not accept the terms of this agreement, do not proceed with the download and destroy any copies of the software which may be in your possession.


There are no installation prerequisites for this software, except of course that you will need to have a recent version of Microsoft Excel (1997-2010) installed to use the template.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the installer from the Software Updates area of the website
  2. Save the installer to your Windows desktop
  3. Double-click the installer to start the installation
  4. Follow the instructions on your screen

A file folder containing the URAR Market Grid Excel Template, installation notes, and software license will be copied to your desktop. The template file (URAR Market Grid Template.xls) and the entire folder may be moved from the desktop to any other location your choose.

Usage Instructions

The most important thing to remember when using a template file is not to modify the original template unless you intend to make the changes permanent. Normally, you would open the template file in Excel and immediately save the worksheet under another filename in order to preserve the original template.

We have developed many different versions of this template, some with sophisticated features and VBA macros for calculating inflation adjustments, net and gross adjustments, and other statistical metrics. The original release version is identified as v1.00 and subsequent updates may be available depending upon user feedback. Noteworthy operational and design comments include the following:

  • The default worksheet and Print Area (A3:P35) is defined for a Subject Property and three Comparables.
  • The leftmost Columns ($A:$D) are set to repeat in the event you add additional comps and require printing on more than one page.
  • The easiest way to add additional comps is to copy the Comp 3 Columns ($M:$P) and paste to the right, beginning with Column $Q. Remember to edit the Comp # label in Row 3 for any additional comps you add.
  • As you enter Sale Prices and Square Footage data for the comps, the #Div/0 error in Row 7 will clear and be replaced with the calculated $/sf for each comp.
  • Please note the absolute reference to cell $P$1 as a marginal $/sf GLA adjustment rate for differences in square footage between the subject and comparable properties. After entering an adjustment rate, Subject GLA, and Comp GLA, a calculated adjustment will be entered in Row 22. This calculation (and the underlying formula) can be overwritten by typing directly into the Row 22 adjustment cell.
  • In addition to the GLA adjustment, a separate Rooms/BR/BA adjustment can be made in Row 21.
  • Other incarnations of this spreadsheet include automated inflation adjustments in Row 11 and Net & Gross percentage adjustments in Rows 33-35. Future releases may incorporate these features.
  • When using the template, be careful about cell protection (becaue there is none), so cell formulas can be easily overwritten.
  • You can render the URAR Market Grid spreadsheet as a printed exhibit and inclde it in your appraisal documents, or use Shift-Edit to Copy a Windows Picture to the Clipboard for pasting into your documents graphically.

The URAR Market Grid Template is not intended as a substitute for a full appraisal and may be inappropriate for many appraisal engagements without supplemental external narrative. On the other hand, the URAR market grid has become a universally accepted mechanism for communication of appraisal adjustment logic and supporting data, and the market grid alone is an ideal medium for concise communication of opinion and support where excessive information must be avoided, such as litigation valuation.

User Feedback

We would appreciate your user feedback and suggestions via the website forum: Evaluation and Other Software / Freeware: URAR Market Grid Template.