Rendering Photo Exhibits: Retaining page breaks when Exporting to MS Word

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Depending upon the version of MS Word you are using, and your default header and footer settings, you may experience unwanted page breaks when exporting a photo exhibit to a MS Word document. The reason for this is the default "Distance From Edge" setting that your Word installation is using for headers and footers. When a default setting of .5" is used for headers and footers, MS Word may automatically overflow the bottom row of pictures in a rendered photo exhibit onto a following page. Here's how to correct this problem:

In MS Word, click View > Headers and Footers > then click the "Page Setup" icon from the Header/Footer toolbar. Reduce the "Distance from edge" slider for both Headers and Footers from the default .5" value, to something like Footer = .2" and Header = .3", or whatever looks best to your eye and prevents photo exhibit overflow onto successive pages.