Quick-link image copy/paste

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While the fastest way to import images is through the Image Editor where dozens of images can be imported and classified in bulk, our usability testing revealed the need for quick image addition or editing directly from the comp editor. Typical scenarios include situations where bulk data has been imported from Excel without photos, or where better comp images are readily available on the web and an existing database image needs to be replaced.

A quick-link solution is provided in the image panel portion of the comp editor screen with the Add/Delete/Copy image buttons and the Imaging Helper App hotlink at the upper right corner of the Comp Editor window.

  • Add: Opens the Add/Edit Image popup where a new image can be imported from the clipboard or disk file.
  • Del: Deletes the current image for the current comp.
  • Cpy: Copies the current image for the current comp to the Windows clipboard.
  • Imaging Helper App hotlink: If an Imaging Helper App has been installed and configured, opens the Imaging Helper App and displays the clipboard contents, ready for enlargement, cropping, and other image editing functions.  The edited image can be placed back on the Windows clipboard with Ctrl-A, Ctrl+C and re-Imported to the current comp from the Add/Edit popup.

Having this image manipulation functionality available directly from the Comp Editor is much faster than switching to the full Image Editor when only a single image is involved.