New feature: Screen Sharing / Remote Control / Remote Diagnostics

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Joined: 07/20/2010

A new Screen Sharing / Remote Control / Remote Diagnostics feature has been added to the Action Menu to enable in-program remote assistance. This feature is useable by any two DataShareAPS installations, not just through AppraisalShareware support.

The screen sharing feature uses Join.Me and is based on a host/guest model. On the host system (the system which is granting remote sharing/control access) simply click Tools > Maintenance > Remote Assistance from the Action Menu, then click the "Share" arrow at the home page. The service will give you a 9-digit session ID at the top of the screen.

On the guest system (the system which is granted permission for remote sharing/control access) you can also click Tools > Maintenance > Remote Assistance, enter the 9-digit session ID in the Join textbox, then click the "Join" arrow at the home page. Alternately, simply navigate the guest browser to and enter the session ID.

The screen sharing service will verify permission (sharing or control) for the connection before actually sharing the host system. Follow the instructions in the Join.Me toolbar and close the browser to terminate the session.

This feature enables knowledgable DataShareAPS users to help or troubleshoot the shared installation.