New Feature Added: Image Quick Selector

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Joined: 07/20/2010

A new feature has been added to the Image Editor menu which allows quick selection of database images by ID number and content/caption. This is especially helpful if you have a datagrid with a lot of images you want to select and don't want to scroll through the datagrid to select individual rows. By clicking Images > Quick Selector from the Top Screen Menu, a transient* popup window will appear with labeled checkboxes for all the images in the datagrid. Clicking the checkbox will select (or deselect) the corresponding image, whether or not it is currently visible in the screen display. To perform an operation on the images you have selected, after making your selection (and before clicking anything else outside the popup), right click the datagrid and select the operation you want to perform (delete, use, exclude, resequence, assign category, assign cross-reference, etc).

* Note: A "transient" popup is a window which will disappear if you click anywhere outside the popup window.