New Feature Added: Copy/Paste Image or Caption

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Joined: 07/20/2010

A new feature has been added to the Image Editor context menu which allows multi-image copy/paste operations on images and image captions. This feature is particularly helpful in preparing robust photo exhibits with multiple images of similar content. For example, when composing captions for multiple Exterior Building Elevations shot from different directions (North, South, Front, Rear, etc). To use the Image/Caption Copy/Paste function:

1) Select an image row in the datagrid by clicking on its row header;
2) Right-click to popup the context menu;
3) Select Copy/Paste > CopyImage or CopyCaption to define the source field;
4) Select datagrid row(s) to define the target Paste range;
5) Right-click to popup the context menu;
6) Select Copy/Paste > PasteImage or PasteCaption to paste the source field over the target range.

* You can also Export the selected Image to a JPG file by clicking "Copy to JPG file".