Mapping: Set comp order based on proximity to subject

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Although this useful feature may appear in the Top Screen and Context menus of the Comp Editors and Reporting Modules, the functionality is actually provided by the Mapping Module. For Land Sales, Building Sales, and Lease Comps, to set comp order based on (ascending) proximity to the subject property, use the right-click context menu in the Mapping datagrid.

  1. The first step of course is to geocode the subject and comparable properties so property locations are available to the distance calculating algorithm.
  2. Sort the datagrid by ascending proximity.  This can be done either with the context menu or by clicking on the column header.
  3. With the datagrid sorted by proximity, select the comps you want to use by clicking the row headers, dragging, or shift-selecting.  Your selection does not need to be contiguous.
  4. With the context menu, select "Order as Selected".

Please be aware that this procedure may redefine your Used/Unused dataset definitions, unless of course the operation is performed only on the Used dataset.