DataTextMerge Re-Release Enhancements

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In conjunction with the recent re-engineering of the DataAnalysis module, the DataTextMerge software has been revised and enhanced.  This is the second of three planned enhancements to the text/merge language.  Now, when Comps are selected and DataTextMerge is called for a particular data type, the resulting DataTextMerge is automatically displayed using the 'Default' template for that particular data type.  To select a merge template other than 'Default', pick another template from the ComboBox in the lower left corner of the DataTextMerge dialog.  To create or modify a DataTextMerge template, click the Edit button and after making the desired changes, save the template with a unique filename.  This may be obvious, but to make a template file the 'Default', simply save it with the filename 'Default'.  You may create an unlimited number of different DataTextMerge templates for each type of data.  Watch for our upcoming video on how to use the DataTextMerge template language, as well as the slick new DataTextMerge editing control.