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Powerful data visualization capabilities have always been a part of the DataAnalysis module in DataShareAPS, where statistical parameters and graphic representations from dozens of insightful appraisal regressions can be produced instantaneously on demand.  In past releases of our software, each individual regression required intensive program and computer resources, constraining the number of preprogrammed regressions to a small fraction of the thousands of possible regressions which are theoretically possible from all of the data attributes in our database.

The 2013 upgrade of the DataAnalysis Module incorporates a very different and innovative approach to data visualization which includes all of the regression capabilities of our previous versions, an unlimited number and variety of regression designs, a choice of many other graphic visualizations besides regression, and the ability for users to design, style, and exchange their own custom data visualizations in a manner similar to how DataShareAPS reports are imported and exported.  We call this system the Visualization Gallery.

 The Visualization Gallery is not a separate module in the sense that it is independently accessed through the Action Menu. Instead, the Visualization Gallery is accessed through the "Gallery" button in the Chart Control panel of the DataAnalysis Module, and controls the selection of Data Visualizations presented in the Chart Title selector to its left (see red arrows above). 

As in our earlier software, when the Chart Title selector dropdown is clicked (red arrow above), the list of available visualization definitions is displayed and a visualization can be rendered by clicking the desired selection.  In the screenshot above, the "CompCount by City" pie chart is selected from the list of different visualizations available in the local visualization library.  A basic list of visualization definitions is installed with the DataShareAPS software, and this list can be augmented by downloading additional visualization definitions from our website library, importing definitions from other appraisers, or customizing and styling your own definitions. These functions are accessed by clicking the "Gallery" button.

Because an unlimited number of data visualizations can be developed and maintained in the local gallery, list searching and filtering tools are provided at the far left of the Visualization Gallery group.  These tools are controlled by the magnifying glass (search) and funnel (filter) icons. The chart type selector dropdown filters the available chart titles by chart type (XY regression, pie, bar, column, range, etc.). 

While our Data Visualization tools clearly enhance data analysis and comprehension for the appraiser and analyst, an equally important function is as communication tools in appraisal reports.  Chart graphics and customized narrative descriptions, regression explanations, and dataset statistics can be automatically composed and copied directly into appraisals and analytical reports as discussion of data trends, data correlation, and statistical support for professional conclusions.

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