Configuring the DataShareAPS PDF Reader / Synchronization Extension

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An important productivity and research feature of the DataShareAPS database is PDF synchronization which enables automated indexing between the DataShare property database and a PDF document. This synchronization is especially useful in both appraisal composition and appraisal review. In appraisal composition, quick switching and indexing between PDF information and the property database allows abstracts of market comparables to be quickly and accurately extracted from information in a PDF document. In appraisal review, appraiser writeups of comparable market data can be quickly compared with corresponding abstracts stored in the database.

The process of transitioning between display of the database and PDF document is called synchronization and property address is used as the common indexing key. When a PDF document has been specified and the Find Address icon is clicked, the screen display will change from the database to the PDF document and synchronization will be attempted based on the property address of the current database record. In addition to DataShare's built-in PDF synchronization feature, an unlimited number of unmanaged PDF documents can be opened simultaneously using your system's default PDF application or Internet browser. For unmanaged PDF documents, window and application switching between DataShareAPS can be accomplished using Alt-TAB.

Display of PDF documents within DataShareAPS and PDF/database synchronization can only occur after DataShareAPS has been configured for a specific PDF reader extension. Historically DataShareAPS has used the free Adobe Reader as the client application for viewing PDF files and we have recently added the open source Sumatra PDF reader as a lightweight automation alternative. In contrast to the high memory overhead of Adobe Reader, Sumatra is a free Open Source PDF utility which is considerably faster and more efficient.

We do not install either Adobe Reader or Sumatra PDF automatically with DataShareAPS for several reasons. The most important reason is that you may already have a PDF client application installed and configured exactly to your liking. You also may already have the full version of Adobe Professional installed and you probably would not be pleased if we installed the free Adobe Reader on top of it. Our installation philosophy is to make minimal impact on host systems and we hate it when newly installed software changes things around without permission. To avoid the time and frustration involved in recovering from software installations which are inconsiderate of other applications, we do not attempt installation of other shareware along with our software. Installation of Adobe Reader and Sumatra are relatively easy with download from the following links:

  • Free Adobe