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URAR Market Grid Template

SKU: asw_URAR_market_grid

Welcome to the URAR Market Grid Template product page. This is where you can download the installation setup file which will install a copy of this handy Microsoft Excel template on your Windows Desktop. After installation you may move the template from your desktop to any other location.

Product Features

  • Standard Microsoft Excel (97) template
  • Applicable to either SF residential or Condo appraisal
  • Can be expanded or contracted to reflect any number of comparable properties
  • Can be edited or modified just like any other Excel spreadsheet
  • Completed market grids can be printed to hardcopy, or copied to the clipboard for inclusion in narrative reports, letters, or other documents
  • Designed for analytical and appraisal situations where full URAR form reports are problematic (consulting, litigation, etc.) and USPAP compliance is externally addressed
  • No formal Windows installation is required, the template file is simply copied
  • Remember, this is a template file and you should save the file under a different filename before modification so the original file can be used as a template in the future
  • This FREE software distributed by ApprasialShareware.com is provided without warranty or support

License agreement:

We are pleased to provide the URAR Market Grid Excel Template Software to other real estate professionals without cost or obligation except as delineated in our simplified Freeware License agreement. You can review and print this agreement by clicking the following link, Software License Agreement for AppraisalShareware Freeware. If you do not agree to these terms, enter the "Back" key on your browser to navigate away from this page, and DO NOT proceed with the download checkout below. If you do not accept the terms of this agreement, you must destroy all copies of the URAR Market Grid Template Software we have provided.

Ordering your download:

Free evaluation software downloads are processed through our normal checkout process in order to provide a historical record of the software revision you receive. You may view this record, and any subsequent activations and updates, from the myAccount page. The download checkout process is as follows:

  1. Click Add to Cart at the bottom of this screen.
  2. At the following "Shopping Cart" screen, verify that the correct download product has been ordered with Quantity=1. If necessary, edit to make Quantity=1 and click Update Cart. Click Check Out when the product and quantity are correct.
  3. At the "Checkout Screen", if you have not ordered before, enter the information in the billing panel. If you have ordered previously, recall and confirm the saved billing panel information. Click Review Order when done.
  4. At the "Review Order" screen, confirm that the order information is correct and click Submit Order when ready.
  5. The "Order Complete" screen will be presented with your order number and a link to view the current order status. A printable invoice can be produced from this link, if desired.
  6. Immediately after processing your order, you will receive several emails: An email containing a link to your file download; an email with an order summary statement; and an email confirming electronic shipping. Open the email containing the file download link, and click the link to begin the download.

Download installation instructions:

  1. You should download and save the installer to the Windows Desktop of your PC. For this product, administrative priviliges are not necessary. Step-by-step instructions will be provided by the installer or click Installation Notes to preview the notes from our community forums.
  2. After clicking the file download link from the notification email, you will be prompted to Run or Save the file.
  3. When prompted, save the installer file to your Windows Desktop.
  4. After the installer file has finished downloading, double-click the installer icon on your desktop to begin the installation process. Additional instructions will be provided by the installer.
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