Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance Program

An optional and affordable software maintenance program is available to insure that you get the most our of your software investment. The cost of an annual subscription is $100/year. As a subscriber, your software can automatically be updated each time it is used, assuring continuous data compatibility with future program releases and software enhancements. In addition you receive priority access to support services, if and when needed. A summary of the subscription services includes:

  • Ability to post public messages in the Support Forums
  • Priority response to support issues
  • Priority response to bug corrections
  • Priority response to software customization and development requests
  • Availability of incident/telephone support by separate arrangement
  • Enrollment in automatic software updates

Participation in the software maintenance program is optional, and users may cancel their participation in the program at any annual renewal anniversary. All registered licensees are entitled to full use of our software, but unsupported licensees are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Ability to read but not post public messages in the Support Forums
  • Bug-reporting and bug-fix support is via email to our private bugReport queue (1)
  • Ability to post suggestions via email to our private Suggestions queue
  • No response is guaranteed to software customization or development requests
  • No guarantee of access to or data compatibility with future software updates (2)
  • No telephone support is available

We encourage all licensees to participate in our support program.

Notes: Unsupported Licensees

  1. Bug fixes will be always be attempted on a 'best efforts' basis and made available for download, but if the licensed software is not the most currently released version, licensees may not be able to incorporate the bug fix in the older version of the software.
  2. Unsupported licensees must purchase a new license in order to receive updated software. Although special offers may be periodically available the purchase of new software licenses in the future, there is no guarantee that the availability of new software licenses in the future will will be offered on the same price and terms as previous license offers.