Partnership Opportunities

DatashareAPS software opens a new realm of partnership opportunities for both users and providers of real estate information.

At the most fundamental level, the DatashareAPS software enhances property research capabilities for commercial real estate appraisers, analysts, and brokers through its WebRE and WebIQ features, including built-in multi-source data verification and consolidation. It's like having the capabilities of personal research assistant, instantly available 24-hours a day.

Coupled with this unparalleled research depth and efficiency, DataShareAPS provides automated data capture, translation, import, and export to and from divergent data sources. Graphical data visualizations, analysis, regression, statistics, text generation and data reporting is built-in and infinitely expandable for standardized and custom presentation in appraisal reports and publications. Data import and export with customized Excel valuation models is also supported out-of-the-box without any custom computer programming.

With these built-in features, DataShareAPS' benefits to analysts and appraisers are obvious, but what are the partnership opportunities?

Again, starting at the most fundamental level, as the product name implies, electronic Data Sharing offers a primary partnership opportunity among cooperating real estate professionals. Data sharing can occur on an informal basis where researched data is shared between appraisers using our built-in exchange libraries or CompShare email attachment files, or on the enterprise level, within an appraisal office where researched data is harvested from individual appraisal jobs into libraries for the office to share. This concept can be scaled-up to a metropolitan or regional basis where office or individual research is uploaded to metropolitan or regional repositories, and compiled for download on demand to coop members or subscribers. This was the historical heritage of the original DataShare residential application back in the 1980s.

So besides data cooperatives, what other partnership opportunities benefits are there to using DataShareAPS?

This is where things get tricky. While it may seem that widespread use of DataShareAPS would be of concern to purveyors of real estate information, partnership opportunities involving DataShareAPS in a specially-authorized client/server data access role allows streamlined subscriber access to provider data services and special protection against data proliferation of copywritten research. Because out-of-the-box DataShareAPS enables users to develop data translations with virtually any electronic format, software usage in conformance with third-party data access and subscriber agreements is entirely the responsibility of the DataShareAPS licensee. Appraisal Shareware LLC encourages DataShareAPS licensees to responsibly use the software in conformance with the usage terms of their data subscription services and website connections, but the standard DataShareAPS software imposes no control over site navigation, data sources, and data translations engineered by users of its software.  AppraisalShareware LLC is not currently a party to the data service agreements of our licensees, but is willing to institute special programmatic controls to enforce and enhance reasonable data protection for partner providers. In exchange, partners subscribers can expect unparalleled data accessibility and partner porviders may also benefit from feedback research from subscribers potentially flowing back into the provider's data warehouse. The potential cost economics and quality enhancement of grassroots data collection by professional appraisers in this manner, versus the overhead of paid research staff, should result in substantial cost economies and enhanced data quality.  Appraisal Shareware LLC encourages both existing data providers and prospective data cooperatives to contact us regarding partnership oppportunities in this area.

Partnership opportunities can be envisioned in a three-tiered classification:

Appraisal is a brand-new new startup and we are actively seeking industry partnerships and alliances which could take a variety of forms. These could include cooperative marketing, data interchange, software interoperability, and financial. We encourage interested potential partners to contact us with ideas and we will do the same.