Help System

The website has two missions: distribution of valuation-related software and technology services to real estate professionals; and providing after-sale help and support for licensees of these products and services.  Help and support resources vary from product to product within the following general structure: 

  • Website: Our website is designed for both manual access with your favorite browser and automated access from within specific applications, like DataShareAPS. Website help resources for manual and automated access include the following areas:
    • Product pages: Every product or service distributed from the website has a comprehensive product page which describes the product or service, outlines its major features, and provides links for sample screenshots, documentation, download, purchasing, installation notes, and available updates.  Product pages are typically accessed manually.
    • Installation notes: Installation notes are assembled for each product download and provide detailed step-by-step installation instructions which can be very helpful in software deployment planning. Available for preview in the product pages and forums, installation notes are also displayed by the software installers as the first step of the installation process. 
    • Forums: Software announcements, updates, verified bug reports, bug-fixes, work-arounds, and usage clarifications are documented in real-time in our appraisal software community forums.  The forums are organized by topic, browsable by all website registrants, and postable by all software licensees.  Access to the online forums requires an active internet connection and can occur automatically from within context-enabled applications like DataShareAPS.
    • Video library:  We produce a robust assortment of instructional videos to help licensees with their use of our software.  Videos include software overviews, feature references, How-Tos, and technical references for most major program functions and user interface elements. An active broadband internet connection is required.  The online instructional videos are organized by title and are both text-searchable and keyword-indexed for context-sensitive help either from manual browsing or automatically from context-enabled applications like DataShareAPS
  • DataShareAPS: Our flagship application, DataShareAPS, includes a built-in self-contained help system which is synchronized with the website Forum and Video Library help systems through a common system of context-sensitive keywords, plus a local electronic reference manual which can be independently updated at any time. Four synchronized levels of help are provided:
    • f1 Data Definitions: Data definition and vocabulary help are available at any time by pressing the f1-help key.
    • Local electronic manual: The local electronic manual is a built-in help system which is installed with the original software download and does not require an active internet connection. Support subscribers can update the local electronic manual whenever broadband internet is available. The local electronic manual is organized by topic and keyword-indexed for context-sensistive help.
    • Website Forums: If an internet connection is available, the DataShareAPS application can automatically retrieve relevant forum topics and postings by context-sensitive keyword.
    • Website Videos: If a broadband internet connection is available, the DataShareAPS application can automatically retrieve relevant Video titles by context-sensitive keyword.
  • Freeware and other products: Help and support resources vary from product to product, but always include a Product Page and Installation Notes.