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DataShareAPS Demo CD

SKU: asw_DataShareAPS_Demo_CD

Welcome to the DataShareAPS Demo CD product page.  This special compilation of the DataShareAPS Evaluation Software is provided on a single CD media (rather than an internet download) for customers without high speed broadband connectivity and those preferring physical media for installation and archival purposes. Please notice that there is a nominal charge for producing and shipping the physical CD and you should click DataShareAPS Evaluation Software Download if you would prefer the free version.

DataShareAPS Video Feature Guide: A 3-part video series covering major product features is accessible by clicking the following links:

  • Part 1: Developer's introduction, system overview, features for manual and automated data acquisition
  • Part 2: DataAnalysis, Regression, ANOVA statistics, and preparatory automation tools tools to maximize data quality, consistency, and relevance: database-driven research, data verification, enhancement, cleaning, consolidation, and visualization. 
  • Part 3: Automation tools for data usage and reporting: comp reporting, comp adjustment, data modelling, and production of map, and photo exhibits for comps and subject.

The Installation CD also offers the benefit of providing the relatively large Microsoft .NET Framework libraries and other assemblies for local installation rather than through what can sometimes be a lengthy download process. Like the download version, the CD-based installation setup file will install a trial copy of our DataShareAPS software on your computer for evaluation purposes. The free evaluation software allows you to install and test many of the features of DataShareAPS without obligation:

  • Tests installation compatibility of your PC hardware and operating system with DataShareAPS system requirements
  • Automated installation is provided by the Microsoft Windows Installer
  • The evaluation software can be removed at any time without any permanent changes to your computer
  • Allows you to evaluate most of our software features for 30 days
  • The evaluation software can be activated at any time by visiting our website from your demo installation
  • When activated, additional software modules and licenses will be automatically downloaded

License agreement:

We are happy to provide evaluation software without obligation to help prospective customers decide whether our software is appropriate for your use.  We are considerably less happy to provide software for purposes of illegal copying or reverse engineering our intellectual property.  Therefore, before ordering and installing our software, you must agree to the terms of our license agreement which includes prohibitions against illegal distribution, copying and reverse engineering. The complete license agreement for this product can be reviewed and printed by clicking REVIEW.  If you do not agree to these terms, enter the "Back" key on your browser to navigate away from this page, and DO NOT proceed with the order checkout below.

Ordering your CD:

Evaluation CD software orders are processed through our normal checkout process in order to provide a historical record of the software revision you receive.  You may view this record, and any subsequent activations and updates, from the myAccount page.  The CD checkout process is as follows:

  1. Click Add to Cart at the bottom of this screen.
  2. At the following "Shopping Cart" screen, verify that the correct product has been ordered with Quantity=1. Make any necessary changes in Quantity and click Update Cart. Click Check Out when the product and quantity are correct.
  3. At the "Checkout Screen", if you have not ordered before, enter the information in the billing panel.  If you have ordered previously, recall and confirm the saved billing panel information. Click Review Order when done.  Unlike the download version, you must also provide a shipping address for delivery of the physical CD.
  4. At the "Review Order" screen, confirm that the order information is correct and click Submit Order when ready.
  5. The "Order Complete" screen will be presented with your order number and a link to view the current order status. A printable invoice can be produced from this link, if desired.
  6. Immediately after processing your order, you will receive several emails: An email containing a link to your file download; an email with an order summary statement; and an email confirming physical shipping. Your DataShareAPS Evaluation CD will be shipped within 24 hours.

Installation instructions:

You should install the trial software to your PC from a Windows user account which has administrative priviliges and is the account from which the software will be used. Step-by-step instructions will be provided by the installer or click Installation Notes to preview the notes from our community forums.

  1. Mount the Installation CD in your CD/DVD drive and close the door.
  2. The installation setup file on the CD will automatically run.
  3. Step-by-step instructions will be provided by the installer.
Price: $39.95