Support Services: Data integration and translation

DataShareAPS provides a pre-configured data translation interface which enables convenient and intelligent data sharing between your local database, internet data providers, foreign database downloads, and excel-formatted spreadsheets. 

This technology offers significant efficiencies relative to laborious cutting and pasting between Windows applications, internet browsers, and database software.  Our pre-configured data translation and integration software works either in real-time via one of our site-specific WebIQ modules, or via bulk import from excel spreadsheets. 

We realize that there is virtually unlimited variation in the presentation format of internet data and in spreadsheet schemas, and our user-configurable interface allows advanced users to configure custom data translation mappings with additional data providers not included in our preconfigured data import tools. 

We are also available to develop automated data translation and integration extensions to incorporate additional data sources you may already be using.  Please contact us for a quotation on these services.