Legal / Licensing Overview

When users register for a website account or download and install any of our software products, a legal agreement is presented for review and acceptance. Because it may be inconvenient to review legal documents during software download or installation, this page enables potential licensees the opportunity to review these documents in advance.

We want users of our website and software to have a complete understanding of the Terms of Use for the website, License Agreements for the software products we distribute, and other legal requisites associated with enjoying the benefits of our software and services. This page provides an overview of these agreements, and our eCommerce Issues Forum is where customer questions about any of these agreements can be posed and answered.  Click any of the links on this page for further information.

Website Use

  • This website is made available for public access in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Use which can be reviewed by clicking this link or the heading link in our home page. If you do not agree to these terms you should not access the website.

Software Product Licenses

All of the software products distributed from this website are provided in accordance with license agreements which vary from product to product. Because it is difficult to thoroughly review a software license from the Windows Installer, the software licenses can be reviewed from any of our Product Pages, or by clicking the links below.

  • Freeware: Our Freeware Software License is very simple and straightforward since Freeware products are typically provided with limited product support and warranty.
  • Shareware: We will be distributing a variety of third-party shareware products, much of which will integrate with our own software.  Shareware licenses vary widely and the shareware product license can always be reviewed by clicking the Product License link on the respective Product Page.
  • DataShareAPS: The DataShareAPS Software License is our most comprehensive software license because it actually defines 3 different licenses: An evaluation license for the demo software; an activation license for activated software, and a support license for subscribers to our software maintenance program. Each new activation is automatically enrolled in this program.
  • Open source: DataShareAPS is designed to integrate with a variety of open source software, including software released under GPL and MIT open source licenses, but we generally do not distribute this software directly.  Configuration details and installation instructions for collaborative open source software are provided in our Extension Modules forum.

Privacy Policy

  • Our Privacy Policy is designed to protect your privacy and our own software. We do not share or sell any website or licensee user information with third parties and allow registered users the ability to opt out of any unsolicited promotional contact. All eCommerce is handled through the largest and most trusted payment servicers like Paypal and Google, and at no time do we see or handle your credit card information.

Copyright Notices

  • As detailed in our Copyright Notice and Copyright Policy, we aggressively assert copyright protection for our own intellectual property and respect the legitimate copyright claims of other intellectual property owners as well.