DataShareAPS Evaluation Software - Installation Notes

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DataShareAPS Software Installation Notes

Thank you for downloading the DataShareAPS Evaluation Software. The following multi-stage automated installation is designed for minimal impact on your existing Windows configuration and can be easily removed at any time with the Uninstall wizard. Depending upon the speed of your hardware and internet connection, the installation should take 5-10 minutes.

  • Installer Philosophy: The primary design goal of the DataShareAPS installer is to have minimal impact on your existing Windows configuration. Because we hate it when automated software installers feel entitled to make arbitrary and sometimes irreversible adjustments to user system configurations, our installers try not to make any changes to your existing software or settings. As a result, the installer leaves a few program features for you to personally configure. These currently include the DataShareAPS extensions for PDF reader synchronization, image editing, plus several additional extensions we will be releasing in the future. DataShareAPS is compatible with both the free Adobe and SumatraPDF Readers, but we intentionally do not want to install or configure for the free Adobe Reader if yo have Professional Acrobat installed. Likewise, our reccomended imaging helper is IrfanView, but you may prefer to use Photoshop, Gimp, Paint.Net, or something else. So we leave the configuration of these extensions up to you. Configuration instructions for configuring these features are provided in the DataShareAPS configuration forum. DataShareAPS should be compatible with many different extension utilities, so if you configure something new, please let the community know about it by posting in the forums.

The installation steps and software installed include the following:

0) DataShareAPS_Installer.exe download: You must be registered on the website to download the DataShareAPS installer. It is a standard Windows installer which is about 24MB in size and should download in less than 10 seconds with basic cable broadband. As detailed in the download instructions, the downloaded installer should be saved to the Windows desktop from an administrative account where the software will be used. The following installation process is initiated by double-clicking the screen icon of the installer.

1) Evaluation: Your existing computer hardware and operating system configuration will be evaluated relative to the installation requirements of our software. If minimum requirements are not met, software installation will not proceed.

2) License agreement: By downloading and installing the DataShareAPS Evaluation Software, you will be granted and must agree to our Evaluation Software License, the first in a series of three software licensing levels. The Evaluation Software License is free and allows you to install and evaluate the functionally-restricted demo software for a limited time. If you like what you see and decide to purchase an Activation Software License, a 6-month Software Support License will be included at no additional charge. If you choose not to activate your demo software, you can uninstall the software with no continuing obligation except for the non-disclosure provisions of the Evaluation License. In the following dialog, you can quickly review and print out a copy of this agreement, or access the document from our website for more legible large-font review. Please note that you must scroll to the end of the document before checking "Accept".

3) Prerequisite software download and installation: The DataShareAPS software uses several Microsoft component libraries, some or all of which which may already be installed on your computer. The initial stages of this installation insure that the following prerequisites are present, and downloads and installs any that are missing:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • DataShare software and custom assemblies
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact Database

The computer will automatically reboot after installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and proceed relatively quickly with installation of the remaining software.

4) Intial execution: The first time you run DataShareAPS, the software will recognize that it is a new installation and a default configuration with some sample data will be created. You may modify this configuration and delete this data at any time, or retain it for training purposes.

5) Demo registration: After installation, we recommend that you register your demo software and synchronize with your website account. Demo registration is free and provides automated access to context-sensitive help and training videos from the website.

After the core software is installed, you may want to download and configure additional free companion utilities such as PDF readers, image editors, and clipboard managers which work with DataShareAPS. We do not install this software automatically in order to prevent interference with software already configured on your system. Please refer to the website forums and videos for more details.